Executives 2.0 program: The executive approach to what’s next in your career

Agile. Globalizing. Focused on talent. Focused on growth. Key terms that apply to the high level executives we search for on request of our clients. We help our clients to find the Leaders for what's next to help our clients grow to the Next level of their company development.

For top executives who after years of great career development meet a career switch experience: "My job will end"; "My job has ended" or "I want change", I created the Executive 2.0 program. As anExecutive 2.0 participant you will learn how to structure your experience to identify patterns in your career and create focus on the way forward. We give you the tools to draw your own map, and the clarity of vision to see the woods for the crees of career opportunities. After the introduction it will take you a few weeks to develop your own executive story and your own job search strategy. It is up to you to work it out and your work and commitment will define the successful outcome, the Executive 2.0 program offers you the structure, tools and inspiration. 


The program offers several levels of support, depending on your status as high potential or high level executive. After a careful review of your CV you will be invited to one of two tracks:


1. Executive 2.0 program - GOLD:

  • One group session with 2 – 10 other high potential executives

  • This session will be led by Eelco van Eijck as Program Director together with Jasper Mutsaerts, Program Associate, both experienced in supporting executives during their career change

  • During the group session we focus on:

    • Career Leadership: what is your true offer; what fits best with your desires

    • Generating Career Insights: which experience did you build; what skills did you develop

    • Building your Executive Story: what is your "executive brand" promise; what makes you special and what is your proof

  • Confidential setting allowing for deeper, more meaningful networking opportunities and sharing of experience
  • Individual follow-up sessions with our specialized Program Associates are recommended and focus on:

    • Searching for and defining of your personal career insights

    • Translating your career insights into future terms & career drivers

    • Mapping of future career options

    • Developing strategic search action plan.


2. Executive 2.0 program - PLATINUM:

  • Based on above explained approach
  • Individual sessions with Eelco van Eijck – the Program Director
  • Cutting-edge management techniques pinpointed to your unique situation
  • Individual career mapping and expedition plan for your next career move
  • Individual follow-up sessions with our specialized program associates.


Scheduled dates for the Executives 2.0 2016/2017 winter program - GOLD are:

  • October 19 - 19.00- approx. 21.30 hrs -> Apply before: October 12
  • November 23 - 19.00- approx. 21.30 hrs -> Apply before: November 16

  • January 11 - 19.00- approx. 21.30 hrs -> Apply before: January 4


Dates for the Executives 2.0 program – PLATINUM are to be scheduled individually. 


Reference given by a participant:  A former global BU MD Chemical company stated: " For me the program was a step by step process. At first you think it's about writing a CV in a more modern and professional way. To do this you need to understand and document your career steps and accomplishments. But also to understand your strengths and personal drivers. The next phase of the process where you match this with your jobs and companies, was extremely valuable to me. It made me realise what I really wanted to do in the next steps of my career and about what parts of my previous jobs I was truly good at and had enjoyed. It ended up with a great presentation document but even more important was the process of creating it since it gave me both a better self awareness and a clearer objective for my next career steps."


Interested in taking part in this program?

Please send us an email and forward your CV to: Executive2.0@amrop.nl In return you will receive more information on course content, pricing and application.