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Entrepreneurs aren’t made, they are born. Entrepreneurs act on imagination. They persevere where others quit. They have the gift of sight where most remain blind. Truly a special kind. With a sensitive antenna to the world they navigate the waves of economic development. But anyone who knows an entrepreneur also knows; they are often as stubborn as a mule. Willfulness is indispensable for successful entrepreneurs. It provides that unique successful path, but too much will can also lead to a dead end.

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In professional services it’s the quickest that wins; the first to identify an opportunity and acts most effectively, before the rest, catches the worm. Shifting too late or incorrectly means you stay behind and lose. That is the law of the jungle. In times of transformation and disruption, the best opportunities often lie in the most unexplored territory. AI, Robotics; the world is our oyster. But even successful entrepreneurs need the right people to discover fertile soil in unknown territory; specific knowledge and experience to move forward. Entrepreneurs too often overestimate their ability to find talent in new specialties, in sectors where they do not (yet) have made name. And here the pitfall is revealed; as a result, they do not call in help quickly enough and key positions remain unfulfilled for too long.

Find the right talent with executive search for professional services

It is a misconception that talent is scarce. If you think talent is scarce you don’t know the right people, you are not known by the right people, or you don’t look in the right places. If you want to conquer an unknown sector, you need both guides and ambassadors; people who will show you around, show where to pay attention to, where the places are that matter and who will introduce you to the right people. If you think exploration is best done alone, you will probably end up walking around helplessly like a tourist. If you want to attract the right talent to take a new turn, you must call in help from "the locals". For they are the ones that take you places. Please contact us on +31 20 347 32 32 or send an e-mail to You can also fill in our contact form

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