Skin in the game

Henry Ford said; "You can have this car in any color you want, as long as it is black." The statement is so striking because it seems absurd and otherworldly today. A curiosity from a bygone era in which the producer was all mighty, in charge of both the tone and the music of the buying process. For the digital consumer the world of consumption is utterly transparent and accessible. To capture the heart of today’s demanding, marketing savvy, technologically equipped consumer, brand reputation is built entirely on the customer experience. This should lie at the heart of the communication and sales strategy. A company that doesn’t put the customer in the center of all activities has no right to exist. The "wow experience" is the only way to survive. The experience needs not only to be seamless and self-evident, but preferably surprising beyond expectation (Wow!). The entire customer experience is your brand. Every aspect communicates and every node in the organizational ecosystem matters equally in order to excel at this.

Executive Search for the marketing sector

Marketing must therefore be represented in all the fibers of a modern organization. All exponents of the company can be both a risk of failure and an opportunity. A modern marketer is an ‘uomo universalis’ ; a generalist who is broadly oriented and who is able to connect with all possible specialists. They have bird of prey sight; total overview and attention to details. They are driven on all fronts to optimize the brand promise innovation. The 9+ experience is their norm but even then they want to go over and beyond.

Find the right marketing professionals with executive search

The best marketers are more than their skills. They have "skin in the game"; a personal need to improve because they believe in what they do. The best leaders in marketing are deeply committed to the continuity of their business. They are willing to stick their neck out to create the optimal experience. They take the lead and are at the forefront of change and improvement. They are their brand. The best marketers do things first for existential reasons, before financial and commercial reasons. They will not compromise on quality. Because the quality of the experience is them. Please contact us by calling +31 20 347 32 32 or send an e-mail to You can also fill in our contact form.

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