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Managing an organization is for the top notch only. Merging a group of professionals, often a prismatic mixture of willful individuals, each with its own ambitions, character, background, motivation and manual, into a high-performance team. A team that is able to peak under extreme circumstances and great pressure. Any major league team requires to be led by best in class coaches in order to find the right purpose, the right casting, the right organizational structure, the right direction, and the right circumstances. In order for everyone, in their own role, to perform at the top of their game.

How fit is the leadership of your organization?

This is nothing new. Julius Caesar already had an effective management system in place for his legions to conquer the world. But in times when almost every company around find themselves in a state of identity crisis and/or transformation, the value of leadership is vital for the impact a company has. In the dynamic, complex and turbulent reality most modern organizations face, the overall fitness of leadership carries with it the hope and destiny for success.

The quality of leadership

The quality of leadership is not something that will regulate itself. It requires care and attention. Just as a winning team has an thorough system in place for analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing performance, a board of managers also needs a systematic program of training and development to elevate the level of leadership. A monitoring system of assessment and review based on assessment, executive onboarding, executive coaching, business life planning and executive off boarding. The quality and effectiveness of leadership is anything but a constant, it maneuvers cyclically. There are phases of build-up, development, peak, saturation, and decline at both board and individual level. A successful organization monitors this thoroughly in order to be able to take the necessary action in time. In order to move forward you need to have overview; allowing yourself to slow down in order to speed up. Because in times of radical uncertainty, complexity and transformation, slackening leadership is not an option.

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Anyone with the ambition to take their company to what’s next invests in an effective system for Talent & Development. Care and attention for the level and development of leadership is a necessary precondition for accelerating business success. Please contact us by calling +31 20 347 32 32 or send an e-mail to requestforsearch@amrop.nl.


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