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The industrial sector is in the eye of the storm. The climate crisis we face motivates and forces the sector to a transition that is unparalleled. In addition, various global issues, such as digitization, social inequality, diversity and inclusivity, run in parallel. This creates a Gordian knot of complexity. For many companies, compliance is becoming more complex, room to maneuver is becoming more limited, the horizon is becoming narrower while the reality is rougher. For example, Covid-19 has exposed a huge dependency in the supply chain of many industrial companies. Specialization in a globalized ecosystem makes companies vulnerable. This needs reconsideration.

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Companies need to reinvent themselves. The main task they face is to design a new reality, with new foundations, new organizational outlines, new occupancy rates, new partnerships. The production process will have to change in a revolutionary way through the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, data integration and other technological developments. A metamorphosis from the core of production is necessary to stay alive. Fundamental change will lead to new market segments, new value chains, new growth regions, and new partnerships.

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The Netherlands has everything it takes to face a bright, smart industrial future. After all, we have a strong industrial foundation with both big and small companies, a well-oiled ICT infrastructure, logistics, a high level of education, and a first nature in deliberation and ‘poldering’.

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Leadership is the key to the future. The industry desperately needs visionaries who can navigate in a business environment of constant change. Shifting gear, experimenting, pioneering, for instance by developing new initiatives in (regional) field labs and smart hubs in which companies, educational and knowledge institutions collaborate. Leaders with both imagination and decisiveness are desperately needed. It is about seeing and seizing opportunities. The ones who combine dream and action are tomorrow’s top dog. This applies to CEOs, and certainly to COOs. Tomorrow’s top dog will set the pace for the future and continuity of the company by committing to disruptive innovation. Tomorrow’s top dog inspires, he or she is the "connector" that takes everyone in the organization along voluntarily. Please contact us by calling with +31 20 347 32 32 or send an e-mail to Or fill in our contact form.


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