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The Human Age

The days when HR was merely a supportive department are long gone. The domain of human resources has massively changed and progressed and has become of strategic importance. Resources such as money, information, data and technology have been democratized in recent years. True competitiveness lies in innovative strength, and in this realm it’s people that make all the difference. Human skills and ingenuity are the engine for all progress and innovation. Successful companies realize that their staff is the key to sustainable competitive advantage and distinctiveness. As a logical result the role of the CHRO has become more severe and more comprehensive. Until recently the HR boss operated behind the scenes, nowadays the CHRO is a leader to change in the boardroom.

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The challenges organizations face today are unprecedented; issues such as corona, sustainability, digitization, compliance, diversity / inclusivity present themselves in parallel, unannounced and with full force. A company must respond without hesitation. Doing nothing is not an option. Agility, adaptability and flexibility have become core qualities. With the company's vision in mind and at its heart, CHRO has a sensitive radar for all social, economic and political conditions. He / she always thinks several steps ahead to be able to quickly oversee possible scenarios and assess the impact and implications for different departments.

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The modern CHRO is a free thinker with guts, creativity, one who can think outside of the box and has an innovative spirit. He / she anticipates, takes the lead, shows initiative to unite purpose, business and external circumstances and embed them in company policy. The best in class are not only leaders in their field, they have understanding of the entire business, have vision, ambition, take initiative and responsibility. They are able to display high level craftsmanship on all fronts. In businesses where the people make all the difference it’s the CHRO that’s firmly in charge of the shop. Our executive search consultants are happy to help you finding these types of professionals for your HR. Please contact us by calling with +31 20 347 32 32 or send an e-mail to

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