Health & Life Sciences

Cross-pollination for a healthy future

The goal of our industry remains unchanged; to help individuals, patients and society around the world move forward in the field of health. Bringing change. Making an impact. But the way to achieve this goal has changed revolutionarily. The future of the sector is dominated by technological innovation; health tech, bio-tech and AI. The buzzwords have become reality and business operations of all organizations in the entire sector are determined by them. But which company flourishes and which lag behind is determined by the quality of leadership.

For organizations in so-called 'emerging industries' it is necessary to convert the proliferation that characterizes these companies into sustainable growth. Maturity, structure, professionalism and focus must lead to structural value creation and profitability. These often young organizations need to grow to maturity based on the right ingredients. To achieve this, the right composition of skills, competencies and experience is essential and reflection and self-awareness is important in order to be able to make well-considered decisions. This requires steadiness and sometimes the wisdom of years.

Organizations in mature industries, on the other hand, require an increase in speed, energy and agility. Where they are accustomed to growing gradually through acquisition and outsourcing, they now need to adapt much quicker to rapid changing circumstances without sacrificing the thoroughness and accurateness that their work requires. New energy, fresh blood, creative solutions and entrepreneurial spirit must give them the momentum to make their organizations more agile.

For a successful future of this sector organizations need cross-pollination between old and new. Exchange of knowledge and experience will take the sector further. This does not happen by itself; optimally functioning teams and a clear vision on the type of leadership needed for 'what's next' is essential. The driving force behind this is to make Talent & Development a strategic spearhead in the organization and to embed Leadership Development systematically. When conditions are cultivated and experience and energy can mix optimally, the gateway to the future is successfully opened.

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