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In order to accomplish the climate goals set in Paris, the energy transition will need to accelerate. The need for guaranteed access to affordable, safe, reliable and sustainable energy remains. But to combat the deterioration of the climate, fossil fuels will have to substituted by sustainable, renewable sources. This requires a radical change in the way energy is generated, transported, stored, consumed and saved. The energy transition is probably the greatest challenge of our time; the entire ecosystem of energy supply and demand needs to be revised.

Executive search in finding the right leader in the energy and infrastructure sectors

The energy sector is crucial for the Dutch economy. The sector has its own dynamics; the lines of the playing field shift constantly. Innovation and technology are the driving force behind ever-changing consumer behavior, evolving revenue models and changes in the balance of power between producer, supplier and consumer. In addition, an increasing number of companies are operating outside the boundaries of their own sector, creating a blurry competitive field. The big question is who is up for the task of shaping and leading this transition? For the challenges we face seem almost subhuman. 

Find change agents who prosper in the rapidly changing energy landscape

Technology changes exponentially, while organizations change incrementally. The challenges for contemporary leaders are existential. There is a great need for change agents in the energy sector; leaders who can effectively deal with the complexity, unpredictability, unfamiliarity and speed with which the energy transition is characterized. This requires a leadership style that is founded on a strong drive and an ability to take both responsible and calculated risks, to turn creative ideas into concrete innovative projects and change processes. Tomorrow's leaders mix vision, consistent focus, knowledge and decisiveness in the areas of strategy, innovation and operational management.

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Finding such leadership is anything but easy, but it is also anything but impossible. As with everything in the energy transition, it is necessary to mix effectiveness with creativity. You have to adjust your perspective, break through your routines and dare to take new paths. Talent strategies also need new energy. The world is brimming with talent, what companies need most is a new way of looking. Those who want to find the real change agents will have to take the long view. Please contact us by calling +31 20 347 32 32 or send an e-mail to You can also fill in our contact form.

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