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Today’s stores have two dimensions, one that you physically walk into and one that is an online platform where you go through your shopping experience digitally. Two completely different worlds with completely different requirements for the managers who manage the “store teams”.

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The physical store will stimulate all human senses to maximize the shopping experience. The most important processes take place out of sight of the consumer, procurement, supply chain, formula management, shopping behavior analysis, category management and store operations. Only if these work together harmoniously the consumer will feel the intended shopping experience and product purchase and store loyalty will be encouraged.

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The online store only accesses the consumer’s audiovisual senses through digital channels. However, the amount of available data about groups and individual consumers gives the online retailer a completely different toolkit to influence the consumer. Data management, website routing, generating and analyzing insights, organizing the entire experience from sales to delivery as well as customer service sharpen the ability influence. The retail CEO of today must therefore be able to manage highly specialized operational, marketing and digital experts on the one hand, but also have them work together harmoniously to ensure that the entire retail business functions optimally, efficiently and profitably.

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