Not-for-profit & Public

The not-for-profit and public sector is characterized by an enormous dynamic. The social field has become a playing field where the lines are changed daily. A receding government, new financing structurs, changing political support and public opinion. Increasing external requirements, market forces and competition, internationalization. New connections also with stakeholders, increasing demand for transparency, quality and accountability. Complex issues in organizations that are often characterized by complexity, by the multitude of tasks,stakeholders and interests. 

As Amrop we know this sector well, we (re) know the culture and specific issues and we know the people who will make the difference. 'Leaders For What's Next' as we call it, the 'movers and shakers' of the future, with the balance between passion and profession, between intrinsic involvement and social impact, between idealism and new realsim as an important motive. Amrop knows both the private and public sectors, which enables us to actively implement 'cross border' knowledge transfers and crosspollination between sectors. To position the very best and most distinctive professionals with our clients for positions in senior management, director, management and supervision. National and international. Within social sectors such as Education & Research, Healthcare & Care Chain, Art & Culture, NGOs & Charities, Nature, Environment & Sustainability and the Corporation sector. 

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