Job Voorhoeve

The total amount of businesses worldwide has never been higher. But that’s not only a numerical peak. The variety in different types of business is greater than ever before. However, there is one thing all these companies have in common; each one is in transformation. Change is the only constant in modern business. “And the driving force is technology” explains Job Voorhoeve, Amrop Global Digital Practice Leader & Partner Professional Services. Technology not only brings physical change to an organization. The type of leaders that implement the technological change are wired differently as well. They bring in new blood that’s a huge catalyst for the cultural change that accompanies most transformation processes.

Job has worked on the cutting edge of technology and organization management for years. His international experience has taught him the ropes about talent matching and building multidisciplinary teams. “Transformation requires diversity” says Job. Not only in terms of variety in culture, gender, nationality or character. It also requires diversity within each individual leader. Business are multi- dimensional entities. Being able to continuously shift between different styles of leadership is mandatory these days.

Transformation is a global trend. Amrop’s logo contains a nexus for a reason. The symbol for diversity. It represents the connection we make between different worlds. The world is changing, so must executive search. Traditional headhunting has jumped the shark. Amrop is the executive search company for what’s next. We are in the business of managing and implementing change. Transparency and partnership is key. We designed our business structure accordingly. An almalgamous partnership of dedicated entrepreneurs with an intersectional business background. We respect our corporate competitors, but we don’t want to be like them. Just like us, our clients are entrepreneurs. They know transformation requires commitment, care and dedication. That’s what we bring to the table. We are in it for the long run. Right there with them; in the trenches.

If you want change, you don’t hire establishment. You hire Amrop.

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