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The past decade we have seen a radical shift in consumer behavior. Especially the speed in which people continuously adapt their buying routines to the latest technological novelty is amazing. Digitization has transformed the ecosystem of retail and fast-moving consumer goods beyond recognition. As an insider in the business Eelco van Eijck, managing partner at Amrop, had front row seats to the revolution. “It’s a constant race against the unrelenting pace of innovation”. Leaders are in a constant pressure cooker of rapid but meticulous decision making.

Only the extraordinary excel. The ones with the rare quality to oversee the whole, who are up to speed with all the latest, who are able to digest the constant stream of impulses and who can connect the right dots. Leaders must play on multiple boards simultaneously. Agility is a key quality. But that’s not all. You need to be able to apply changes to the existing reality quickly and with vigor.

To thrive in my business a company needs value-based leadership. Pragmatic leaders that apply a set of key principles, derived from a clear vision and strategy. And they do this with rigor for every decision that comes their way. This enables them to separate the wheat from the chaff. “A key quality”. But it’s more than a skillset. The best candidates I meet are balanced. Mentally, emotionally and physical. And above all they have the grit-factor; a mix of drive, focus, passion, endurance, and determination. They go the extra mile and won’t quit until they succeed.

A rare breed, indeed. But to identify them I apply my own set of key principles: preparation, structure, diligence and commitment. I do the work, thoroughly. With my combined background as business executive and physician, I’m wired that way. Clear diagnosis and effective measures cures. And I’m not afraid to present unorthodox solutions. My medical oath still holds, Eelco smiles. I won’t stop until the patient is back to health.

Executives 2.0

“At Amrop I help my Clients find their leaders for what’s next. In my Executives 2.0 program I guide you - a high level or high potential executive - to your next career challenge. In our sessions we will structure your experience, boost your self-reflection and use the results to map the way to your next career. Are you a leader who wants to discover what’s next?”

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