Bob de Groot

Bob de Groot has worked for and with organizations that operate on the intersection of the private and public domain for years. The work these companies do automatically affects many people. After all, their playing field is society itself. The multiplicity of interests that these kinds of companies serve makes the organization complex and hybrid. Moreover, the leadership is very visible; their work is always under a magnifying glass.

This reality places a high demand on its leaders. Not everyone is cut out of the right cloth to lead in such a dynamic complex business context. He, and fortunately more and more often she, is by definition sensitive to his environment. Not only because the work requires it, but more often because he is simply hardwired that way. Being able to read the zeitgeist; to make new connections, align with society, and most important committing yourself to something bigger than yourself. A leader who works in my industry sees himself as a “steward,” says Bob. Grit is a key characteristic; intrinsically motivated people who temporarily take the reins to move the organization to the next phase.

Those who can stand their ground in such an environment can ultimately handle working in every organization. The right talent is scarce. Because you have to match the wallpaper as well! Otherwise it won’t work. Finding him or her is invaluable for a company. That is often underestimated. But that’s what makes the work so exciting and challenging. Each assignment is unique in its own specificity. The matchmaking is extremely precise every time. Everything must fall into place. To be able to do this, I have to keep moving along with the spirit of time and society myself. I have to literally get under the skin of my client. Really understand and feel what type of leader the company requires. Because of this I never get tired of my work. It’s what makes my trade so beautiful.

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