Customer review: Stahl International B.V.

Group Director Human Resources, Jordy Angrill (Spain):

“We are a fast growing international company, with less positions in the Netherlands. Amrop fits into our global entrepreneurial environment, which results in an immediate response, a profound understanding of the role and successful completion of the search assignment.”

Wanted: Successor Group Director Human Resources. Previously Stahl International B.V. had good experiences with Amrop, so Stahl contacted Amrop for a new search. Group Director Jordy Angrill in retrospection: ‘Amrop fits into our international environment.’

Jordy Angrill (Spain), Group Director Human Resources Stahl International B.V.

Previously Stahl had good international experiences with Amrop, so we contacted them. “We have a question. Can you help? We are looking for my successor. Dutch or non-Dutch. Woman or man”.

“Nicolette and Roland collected very well the essence of the role”

How did you experience the process of the search?

I was really pleasantly surprised - remarkable at my age - (starts laughing) to see how Amrop partners Nicolette Zandbergen and Roland Theuws collected very well the essence of the role and deducted and defined a clear profile. That is a skill. To have that overview.

“Asking the right questions, excellent listening skills and insightful candidate reports are essential”

What is the advantage of working with Amrop?

Nicolette can put the right questions, asking information of the candidates in a nice way, listening and understanding. Except being an excellent listener, she is good in writing candidate-reports, in compressing the steps in the process, by fact finding and giving and receiving feedback. Amrop understands what we are looking for.

“Amro started the international search in may and we closed in august 2016”

What difference does Amrop make?

Amrops added value for Stahl is their international network of offices and candidates - I am emphasizing the international management positions - and at the same time they are not that ‘distant’ to establish close contact with the client. Amrop’s fast service and communication definitely feels good. They met the requirements for the job and we are happy with our new Italian Group Director Human Resources.’

Goedendag.... Welkom bij Amrop!
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