Willem Ledeboer

Organizations are no longer one-dimensional. Far from it. A bank or a logistic company is nothing like it was 20 years ago. Companies are in a continuous state of gear shifting between producing relevant products and services while contributing to a better world (or at least doing no harm) and still delivering a healthy return on investment. “We see a transition from a product/profit centered organization towards more people/purpose driven organizations” says Willem Ledeboer. My personal mission is to help organizations accomplish their strategic transformation into the future. Not only by finding the right people, but more and more by designing the right mix of experience, energy and synergy in the board room.

Sometimes companies literally need to reinvent themselves. I believe in the power of culture. As a wise man once said ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. The right leaders build a company culture where the desired change is intrinsically anchored beyond a story. It becomes a natural state of being, a part of the company’s DNA. Driving real change requires curiosity, boldness, and strength. It’s about execution of a strategy.

Modern leaders balance a mix of competences and knowledge, enhanced by a cognitive, social and moral intelligence. We call this ‘Wise decision making’. Being smart, or commercially accomplished doesn’t cut it.

You also need to be able to make responsible decisions and resolve ethical dilemmas, addressing socio-ecological challenges in a holistic way. Balanced people in a balanced team are needed to resolve the dilemmas and ambiguity that modern organizations face. Where digitization is reality, learning agility is key.

So at Amrop we are organized as such. We make every assignment a team effort by combining competences. We guarantee sustainable success by joining our combined broad personal experience, professionalism and excellence. The results are always the right candidates. Not always the ones our clients expect, he says with a smile. But always just the people they need for what’s next. Leaders that address the dilemmas of modern business in a holistic way.