Dorien Wietsma

Construction, Infrastructure and Technology are the backbone of our economic growth. The sector is of enormous importance to the Netherlands and it’s on the eve of a huge transformation. The Netherlands is accelerating to become future-proof; in digitization, mobility, sustainability and housing. Construction, infrastructure and technology is called upon to facilitate all these challenges. But in order to do so the sector has to innovate itself as well.

Dorien Wietsma has been working in the sector for more than 25 years and knows better than anyone what is needed to meet the expectations. “It’s not a time to sit on your hands. Construction, Infrastructure and Technology is an excellent place for people who want to make an impact. There are plenty of opportunities for those with ambition and the urge to act. But it’s not an easy ride. My sector is in need of go-getters. We are building a whole new sector, it’s a time for pioneers: we need to reinvent ourselves. Leadership is essential in this transformation.“

“It’s my mission to help my clients prepare their company for the future. By putting the right people in the right place, but especially by helping management and management teams develop towards long-term success. Change is achieved by shifting the perspective. By being open to innovation, variation and change. The future belongs to leaders with imagination; visionaries who can get the sector beyond now. My industry needs leaders who are thinkers with rolled up sleeves. Leaders that connect to a new generation of builders; with different backgrounds, who are more diverse in gender, nationality and culture. The right leadership makes an organization more multi- disciplinary so the transition to the future can be made. I call this shift ‘fit for the future’.”

I am proud to welcome new blood to the industry. It is a fantastic sector; nothing gives so much honor, pride, and purpose than to build something. Working together on sustainable results. That is the heart of my work.